Thank you for your interest in the Interprofessional Spiritual Care Education Curriculum (ISPEC) Course scheduled for July 11-12, 2024 online. At GWish, we envision a world where ALL patients and families have access to spiritual care during a serious or chronic illness. ISPEC is your opportunity to join the movement, leading the way to more compassionate health care systems for everyone.

Application Instructions

Please read the instructions provided throughout the application carefully and address all required information. Use the checklist provided to make sure that all required information is included in your application.

Note: The ISPEC program is designed to be taken as clinician-chaplain pairs, where clinicians partner with a chaplain or spiritual care provider to learn how to collaboratively teach colleagues to integrate spiritual care into their clinical practice and develop goals to integrate spiritual care into their institution. Each organization's team will ideally include one clinician and one chaplain. We recognize there are situations that do not allow for team participation. If you are unable to attend ISPEC as a clinician-chaplain pair but would like to apply as an individual, please contact Cherron Gardner-Thomas at

As you complete the application, please keep in mind:

Each team member must submit a separate application. Have your team member's email address and phone number available for inclusion on this form. When completing the institutional information section, please provide information about the organization at which you and your partner will work together as a team to integrate the ISPEC training. As part of the application, we ask that each clinician-chaplain pair submit three integration goals. Please develop these goals jointly as a team for inclusion on each team member's application. Please ensure both team members are submitting the SAME goals on each application. Please ensure all sections are completed. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

You can save your application to complete at another time. Do not start multiple applications - use your return code to continue working on your original application. To save your application to complete later, select "Save and Return Later" at the bottom of the application. DO NOT HIT SUBMIT.

You will be presented with a code - make a note of this code. A box will appear, and you will be asked to enter your email address. A link to the application will be sent to this email. To continue working on your application, click on the link and enter your return code.

Participation in the ISPEC course includes completion of a series of brief evaluation surveys, each of which will take between 5 - 15 minutes. The surveys are part of the evaluation that we are conducting to better understand the experiences of participants in the Interprofessional Spiritual Care Education Curriculum (ISPEC) Course. Your responses will be kept confidential. When we write about the study, you will not be identified, and your name will not be used in presentations or publications. In completing the course application and surveys, you confirm your interest in participating in this research study. Please see additional information at the end of this application.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: All applications are due June 26, 2024. Acceptance notification will be sent in advance of the course. For questions regarding the ISPEC course or assistance in completing the application, please contact Cherron Gardner-Thomas at

Thank you! We look forward to reviewing your application.

Application Checklist

  • General Applicant Information
  • Institutional Information (One per team - indicate the organization at which you will partner as a team)
  • Three Goals (One set per team - developed jointly; please ensure both team members are submitting the SAME goals on their individual applications)
  • One Letter of Support from Supervisor/Administrator
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